Movie Review: The Wolverine


I couldn’t believe Fox was distributing yet another Wolverine movie, especially when X-men Origins: Wolverine was a huge let down for all those Wolverine fans! Who can forget that movie? Oh, I wish I could. The trailer of The Wolverine looked even worse, portraying Wolverine as a sad emo mutant. Can James Mangold really redeem Wolverine from the ashes?


Despite a couple of plot holes in the movie The Wolverine claws its way to the top proving to fans it still has potential. Unlike its predecessor this sequel holds more ground and shows that Hugh Jackman can still carry the title of The Wolverine and still look good doing it.

The movie is set after Logan was forced to kill the Dark Phoenix (Gene) where he escapes into the wilderness. Logan struggles with hallucination of Gene and the guilt that he bears. Within ten minutes of the film we are introduced to Yukio who has the ability to see a person’s death before it happens. She was sent by her employer Yashida to retrieve Logan. Yashida was previously saved by Logan at the bombing of Nagasaki, we find out that he’s dying and wants Logan to come to Japan to say his goodbyes. When he gets to Japan we immediately find out that there is turmoil between the household because Yashida granddaughter Mariko and love interest of Logan will be given all fortunes making her the most powerful person in Japan. Also, the mafia Yakuza is after her. Yikes, Logan what did you get yourself into? An interesting aspect of the movie is the directors’ ability to diverge different characters to have different personality. For instance, we instantly know who are the protagonist and the antagonist. Yashida is depicted of being a greedy old man, wanting Logan’s healing power to save his own life. One great line Yashida said was, “I’m not ready to die but you are.” (Along those lines) This offer seems tempting to Logan, what? Mangold what are you thinking making the Wolverine mortal? Thankfully, though Logan refuses the offer with a, “you don’t want what I have.”

This is the kind of man Logan is and it’s something we didn’t see much in the previous X-Men’s. He’s willing to bear this burden by himself. Mangold shows a different perspective of Wolverine, he is more of a human being than a mutant. That’s exactly what Wolverine needed to know what it means to live a mortal life. I highly praise Hugh Jackman on his performance. While Wolverine is still freaking awesome, aggressive, and a loner Hugh Jackman is able to demonstrate vulnerability in Wolverine. It takes a robotic parasite injected by Viper for him to finally realize he doesn’t desire to die anymore. No, he’s ready to be The Wolverine.

I’m glad that Weta Digital, Rising Sun Pictures, and others realize the mistakes done on Origins. (cough, cough: the Adamantium claws) Gosh, those were horribly done CGI. The movie has good action scenes with Wolverine being the beast that he is. We also get a bit of funny jokes and our favorite Wolverine catch phrases. The only complains I might have is the death of Harada and Viper.(but who really stays dead)

I’m thrilled with the post-credits scene that bridges X-Men: Days of Future Past hinting that TRASK will be a major villain. Then, we see Wolverine is incapable of moving. Yeah, you guessed it Magneto is back and is asking Wolverine to join his cause to stop an enemy that can destroy all mutants. Wolverine is reluctant to help Magneto UNTIL the best part of the movie that had me fan-girling in my seat; Professor X is alive.

If you loved the movie or hate it leave a comment: Express those opinion freely.

Rate: Worthy!


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